Pain on my left buttock on bending forward.

by Lhakaten

» » Pain on my left buttock on bending forward.

I got a pain in my back while I lifted a heavy weight 2 months back. The pain radiates to the back of my left thigh while walking. I don't have pain while I'm at rest or playing football.

My doctor says Slump test and SLR is positive. Pain is in my left buttocks and not in my back. Please help me with this issue.

Hello Lhakaten,
You write better English than many folk from England and America!

It certainly sounds like a sciatica with the positive Slump test and SLR.

However it's odd that you can play sport without pain. Nevertheless it's not wise and certainly aggravate your problem.

There aren't many chiropractors that I know of in India, so I'm afraid my only contribution is to do our lower back exercises faithfully every morning before getting out of bed, sit less, and don't play football.

Whilst you're obviously not in severe pain, you might find some tips at our slipped disc rules page.

So you ever go into what's known as an antalgic posture; where you look like a question mark?

And be very careful when you have 50 percent less pain; that's the dangerous time.

Good luck,

Dr B

» Pain on my left buttock on bending forward.

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