pain mainly in the vulva

by Jo

Pain mainly in the vulva. I have had a mri scan which says I have deterioration at the lower end of my lumbar spine and also bulging discs. Would this cause pain in my vulva area? I have not long come off heparin for a pulmonary embolism and taking this and warfarin caused my back muscles to go into spasm. These are now not so bad, but the pain and soreness in my vulva persists. Do you think it could be from muscles and nerve ending?

Hello Jo,
Only a careful and thorough clinical examination will answer your question. The old rule of thumb is: if your big toe hurts, start by examining the toe before wondering if it's a referral from the spine. Have a gynae examine you.

The ilioinguinal and genito femoral nerves emerge from the upper, not lower where you have deterioration, and yes they do supply the groin and genitals.

Be warned though. Scans can be notoriously misleading. The offending joints causing nerve irritation are certainly not necessarily those that appear degenerate on the scan.

After the gynae, what's needed is a careful examination of your sacroiliac and upper lumbar joints. And perhaps the hip too.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Dr b

Find a good chiropractormay be your next step.

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Dec 11, 2013
pain in vulva area
by: Dr H White

There are possible trigger points in the thigh adductor muscles and tendons, that can refer pain to that area. Not uncommon in female horse riders, worth checking out as well.

Thank you for your contribution, Dr White.

Dr B

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