Pain mainly groin and hips upon standing from seated position.

I am a mail carrier and first noticed pain in my left hip when stepping down from my vehicle. This was around March 2013. I would have periods of pain and then some relief, my hips began to snap with each step, but then not.

I started feeling excruciating pain when getting out of a chair or vehicle. It seemed any side to side movements while seated would bring on pain.

Lifting my legs while lying down is painful. The pain has progressed to 90% of the time. Walking on uneven terrain with weight in satchel or arms have become extremely painful. Any pulling on my legs, such as trudging through snow is unbearable.

I have seen my family doctor who prescribes pain relievers and prednisone. I've done two rounds of prednisone, and have had significant relief, but I know I can't take it long term.

I have been seeing a doctor of physical medicine, too. He had an MRI done which revealed: T11-12 mild disc bulging, L2-3 posterior disc bulge and borderline protrusion into inferior foramina, L3-4 posterior disc bulge and borderline protrusion into neural foramina bilaterally, degenerative changes of the facets with buckling of the ligamentum flavum contributing to dorsal pinching of the canal and early central canal stenosis. L4-5 posterior disc bulge with borderline protrusion into the neural foramina bilaterally to encroach upon the exiting nerves, Degenerative changes of the facets and buckling of the ligamentum flavum contributing to dorsal pinching of the canal and moderate central canal stenosis, as well as effacement of the lateral recesses. The is moderate neural foraminal stenosis. L5-S1 mild disc bulge into the neural formina slightly encroaching the exiting nerves.

It's interesting, and significant that you mention no back pain. Just hip and groin pain.

There's a close correlation between the mid to upper lumbar spine and the hips. Traditionally, we think of the spine causing the hip pain, but it in fact works both ways. Bit of chicken and egg.

But for my money, I would recommend you concentrate on the hips for the present, rather than major back surgery.

Do a little test for me. Lying on your back, pull your knee to the chest, then towards the opposite shoulder, and then rotate the hip. First the less painful one, then the worse. Compare perhaps with another family member of the same age. What's the difference?

Then lying down again, place the foot on the opposite knee, and let your leg drop into what's known as the Patrick Fabere position. Google it. Sore? Stiff? Where, back or groin and hip?

Difficulty putting on a shoe?

Family history of hip problems? Your age?

Get an xray of your pelvis if one hasn't been taken. See if you can send it to me, plus the report, as with the mri.

Let me know.

Dr B

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