Pain left side below knee.

by Jen

I have pain in the left side of my knee, also below my knee. Sometimes I have pain in my lower back especially if I do a lot of walking. I have had tingling above my knee but this has cleared with the help of physiotherapy. However it is now almost a year and I am still having pain.

The pain I experience is mostly bad in the morning and I am better in the afternoon. I wonder if there are any exercises I can do.

Hello Jen,
The real problem is that it would appear there is no clear diagnosis. Is the pain on the side of your leg radiating from your lower back, known as sciatica, or is it from your knee, or even a radiation down the iliotibial band?

Standing, slowly bend forwards, then backwards and to the side; do any of these movements reproduce the pain below your knee?

Sitting, flex your head on your chest, and then ask someone to raise first your right leg parallel to the ground, and then the left; do you have pain in the back, and is it much tighter in your leg?

Let me know, keeping to this thread.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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