Pain, left hip, back and legs coupled with obesity

by Melissa
(Louisville KY)

Do you get groin pain?

Do you get groin pain?

I found a dr. that charges per month due to not having insurance. She was able to get me an Xray and found out I have arthritis in my facet joints, causing my nerves to be compressed and pain in the back and legs.

I am 45, have scoliosis, three curves, was told I would not be able to carry children, but I had four. I have lost 90 pounds in the past 4 years and still have at least 50 to go. I know I need to lose weight to help the issues but it has been hard to even walk ten minutes.

I started PT but could not afford to go back, however I am doing the workout and stretches she gave me. I need to work on my core, glutes and leg strength. I have a hard time getting up from low sitting chairs; I can bend over and touch the ground, I have always been flexible, but can't get my leg on my other leg while sitting without extraordinary pain.

My back seems better, my legs are getting stronger, I am able to walk without shaking like a drunk person. I have burning pain in my left thigh; dr. believes this is due to aggravating a nerve in the pelvis. I also have pain that shoots down my leg, left side, due to the facet joints affecting the nerves.

I had bursitis in both hips and finally took a cortisone shot. It really helped my right side but my left side I still can't move without pain on the front of my hip, thigh area. It's not in the same spot the bursitis was but it is still annoyingly painful.

I need help on how to get this better so I can open up my hip flexors and get better for good. Continue to work out and loose weight. Getting frustrated but still determined. (at least I can walk more than ten minutes without having to sit due to the pain now) I try to stretch it out while laying down putting one leg on the other and slowly pushing out but it's too painful to go far. HELP! I went to a chiropractor once and he put me in bed for two days so I am nervous to go back to one but need HELP!

Hello Melissa,
You are obviously on the right track; the thing is to keep working at it. Rome wasn't built in a day and undoing the severe abuse of your body is going to take a long time. All the research points to slow steady loss of weight being the right way to do it; otherwise it comes right back, all for nothing.

Do a google search on the term glycemic index; it's the only sensible way to permanently get those pounds off; well done on the great start you have made.

Avoid low chairs and couches. To get up, slide to the front of the chair, tighten your thigh muscles, lean forward and then stand up.

Not being able to cross your legs; lying on your back, pull your knee to your chest, to the opposite shoulder and then drop it into the lotus position; how does it compare with the other hip?

Hip bursitis happens where the piriformis muscle attaches to your thighbone; often the sacroiliac joint is the cause of the problem. Try lying at night on a five pillows laid down your bed like extra cushioning. Exercise the SI joint by pulling the knee to chest every morning before getting out of bed.

Look for a chiropractor who uses the Thompson Drop method; it's much easier on you and equally effective.

Keep going, not just for your back and pelvis, but for your heart and brain. Remember that refined flour, white rice, sugar, bagels and cookies are what are literally killing you; and colas of every sort. You've obviously made a great start; well done. Disability and pain are a stark reminder of what is to come otherwise.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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