pain initally in lower back radiating to the groin

by Pauline Hudson
(north west england uk)

Pain in lower right hand side of back; some time later easing only to now be in the groin sharp pain with leg giving way at times.

Hello Pauline,
I take the leg is giving away at the knee, ie the quadriceps muscle. The quad is supplied by the femoral nerve and the first test is of the quadriceps reflex. Is it reduced or absent? If you bounce on the knee, bending slightly, does it give?

Next, prick your leg with a pin, comparing sides. Is there numbness, and precisely where?

Next rule out that this is actually a hip problem. Lying on the back, pull your knee to the chest and rotate the hip. Pain? Limited movement? Where?

Using the search function at Chiropractic Help, type in Maignes syndrome, Meralgia paresthetica and femoral nerve.

Does bending forwards, backwards, sideways provoke pain in your leg?

A careful examination, probably with xrays and perhaps a scan, is the next step.

Good luck.

Dr B

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