Pain in upper back with bad indigestion

by Teresa

I have been experiencing back upper back pain with indigestion. I went to the chiropractor and he found that my T2 was out. It was fine and a while and now it is hurting again. What is happening?

Hello Teresa,
Firstly, the fact that you responded well to the chiropractic treatment suggests this was indeed the source of your pain.

Always there is concern with upper back pain that it could be referred from the pancreas or stomach, for example, but then you would not have responded so well to the treatment.

More likely, particularly if you have had this for a while, is the need for some continued treatment, and in particular rehabilitation exercises. Chiropractic often no more "cures" conditions like this than Medicine cures diabetes; ongoing care and management is essential.

Would you be upset if I suggested that a treatment every six weeks, and some home exercises are indicated if it gave you substantial, long term relief?

"Bad" indigestion also needs medical investigation. Have you had a gastroscope? Do you take antiinflammatory drugs regularly? They cause an ulcer.

Do you have any breastbone pain or tenderness? A condition called Tietze's syndrome then needs to be considered.

I've thrown a few curve balls, I know. This could be a "medical" condition, but more likely you just need better chiropractic management of your pain. I'm afraid we don't "cure" many things, any more than Medicine does.

I hope this contributes.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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