Pain in thigh n leg. Tingling. Difficulty walking sitting standing. On right side

by Alice
(Vancouver Canada )

I had an MRI and was told 2 bulging disks. I was put in physio. 5 days and then the pain came back. Prior to physio I had no pain in right leg.

I am going to see my doctor but I am supposed to go to physio tomorrow. I should or shouldn't go.

That's not for me to answer, Alice. You must follow your own intuition.

But if there was the onset of leg pain after the physiotherapy, then I would perhaps phone your doctor first.

It was a good sign that the pain abated for nearly a week. Do you then do housework, take a long trip, or simply sit too much? A bulging disc will certainly not heal in five days.

See our 50 percent less pain page.

Good luck, and I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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