Pain in the upper groin area toward the inside front of my left leg.

by Lynda

This just started. I thought I had been bit by something right along the "panty-line" on my left leg. It is up high, runs parallel to the pubic bone, right in the crook of my leg. It burns like it should itch, but doesn't. I can function, but cannot stand for anything to really touch it. Do you think this is this from the nerve you were talking about; the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve? I'm 55 and did some waist twists on a machine at the gym yesterday. Hoping this will go away. Right now it continues to get worse!


Hello Lynda, it could be the LFCN but that tends to supply more of the outer side of the thigh. More likely one of the other small branches of the Femoral nerve ...

Also the hip joint needs to be considered. Do any movements of the hip hurt? FAIS for example often refers down the adductor muscle in the inner thigh. Pull your knee to the opposite shoulder and rotate a bit.

It does sound like a nerve pain, even shingles is a possibility, though very unlikely, can't say I've ever encountered it in the groin.

Like all new conditions, be sensible and careful for a few days, do some gentle exercises, and the chances are that it will heal of its own accord. If not, see a local chiro.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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