Pain in the right shoulder & hand

by V.Ayalur

I have acute pain in right hand and shoulder; the pain is experienced up to elbow. I am experiencing this for last 50 days. I am not able to reach back with my right hand and even wearing a shirt is a very painful task.

Unable to sleep because I am unable to lie on bed on any position. In any position my hand pains; sitting on a sofa resting the hand on oneside is of bit relief.

Hello V,
You'll have to give me more information. Does your neck hurt? If you turn your head does it hurt in the shoulder or arm?

If you raise your arm in front of you, to the side, does it hurt?

Which fingers hurt. Do they tingle? Does pressing on the fingers and wrist, moving the fingers and wrist hurt?

These arm/ shoulder syndromes are often worse at night.

Part of this looks like the beginnings of a frozen shoulder (can't move it backwards), but I'm uncertain. What does your doctor / chiropractor say? It's nearly two months, if you haven't consulted anyone, I would do so without delay.

Dr B

Since yesterday I feel pain in the left hand also but not as severe as right hand.

Consulted with a GP and he prescribed Ibuprofen for next 30days. This has not given any relief since three weeks.

I am aged 41, General health condition is good (obviously baring this problem); no cholostrol, no blood pressure or sugar.

I request your advice.

Many thanks.
V Ayalur

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May 24, 2012
Shoulder condition with possible neurological complications
by: Dr B

The fact that moving your arm hurts in the shoulder, points to a shoulder condition, but with the distinct possibility of neurological complications.
"Inflammation" is not a diagnosis. I would press your doctor to define this "inflammation". Where, what tissue...?
It's good that turning your head does not refer to the arm, shoulder or hand.
There really are many possible conditions, if your doctor hasn't a clue, then it's time to see a chiropractor for a thorough examination. I don't buy this "inflammation". Did he check your reflexes, test the sensitivity of the skin, any orthopaedic testing? If not, see a real doctor of nerve-joint-muscle conditions. A chiropractor!

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

May 24, 2012
by: V Ayalur

Hello Dr. B,

Many thanks for the response. I give hereunder more details as desired by you.

Right side of the neck pains at times, not throughout the time I have pain in the shoulder and hand. My shoulder or arm do not hurt when turn head at any direction.

Much of the pain I felt is in the hand, just below shoulder-hand joint. I also have pain in the in the wrist and elbow though not as severe as in other areas explained.

The affected arm is right and if I raise arm in any direction it hurts severely.

My fingers have normal feeling; I have not noticed anything abnormal or tingle. It do not hurt when pressing on fingers and wrist or moving fingers and wrist.

I have consulted with a Doctor and he said it is an inflation and given Ibuprofen 200mg twice daily for a month to consume. He also asked me to take X-ray and all found normal in X-ray.

Please advice.


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