Pain in the neck

by Braham
(India delhi)

I having this pain in the neck since last one month and a half; the pain is so bad that I feel uneasiness at the back of the head. I get sudden bouts of black outs; it starts with pounding in the chest sweating, nausea and extreme weakness in both of upper arms and chest I have to lie down or I would collapse this is going on since last fifteen days; placing ice on the neck gives me comfort but for some time an x-ray reveals degeneration of bones.

Doctor has for an MRI; I also have a history of kidney stones; in the beginning the stone pain was unbearable but over the years the stones were smaller and would pass out my recent ultrasound showed ver small concentrates I am wondering whether this is causing the pain in the neck due to this I have lost some weight I can bearely hold my neck there is also a burning sensation in the neck where it hurts; massaging also gives me some relief please help.

The blackouts, sweats and nausea suggest this may have nothing to do with your spine; I recommend you stay under medical care. Have a heart test too.

Dr B

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