Pain in the neck and down the arm for 3 months

by Anoni.
(Gwynedd, PA, USA)

My shooting pains on my left neck, shoulder and arm are excruciating. They feel like intermittent stabbings and at times like burning.

It's worse when trying to lift my left arm to dress or undress. My left 4th finger feels funny over the middle and last phalanx.

Hello Anoni,
Whenever pain radiates down the limb you have to take it more seriously, especially if it's been so long; you can no long simply hope that it will go away.

It's perhaps good that the pain is worse if you lift your arm; a slipped disc in the neck would be relieved when raising your arm.

It's time for an x-ray of your neck and a thorough examination. If you have already had, then give me more detail.

Dr B

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