Pain in the lumbar spine

by Rekha

My L4 vertebra has slightly moved from its position. Later I felt the pain a lot and also I felt the pain in my right leg.....

My question: is this problem is curable or not and will this problem cause aything serious ??????

Hello Rekha,

You haven't mentioned how long you have had the pain, Rekha, but yes, if it's allowed to become chronic, long lasting, then it certain can be serious.

Low back pain radiating into leg should always be considered potentially serious. The body has powerful healing qualities, and given the right circumstances, it may heal itself. But if your muscle tone is poor, you sit a lot, you are overweight, you do a lot of heavy lifting, then a change of life style may be important.

Start with three simple things:

Wrap an iceblock in a facecloth, and put it on your back, twice a day for half an hour, followed by a hot shower or some moist heat.

Start the simple lower back exercises at this page:

Go for a walk EVERY day. Let your back tell you how far and how long.

Then, be sensible. Don't go lifting and twisting and doing silly things.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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