Pain in the left arm / Frozen shoulder

by Eleanor

Frozen shoulder

Unbearable pain in the left arm since October 2012. Xray and MRI of shoulder are normal. blood pressure normal and heart functions ok,

Since October i am unable to remove a jacket starting with left arm, or bear weight in left arm, occasional pins and needles, unable to lift arm above head without pain, slight diziness.

Pain runs between neck to shoulder blade throught arm to elbow. Cannot press down on left elbow to move from sitting to standing position. unable to sleep comfortably awakened by pain if i roll to left arm, cannot lie on left arm. Given nsaids which do not help at all, short term releif from icing the arm until numb. Had severe back pain and knee pains on and off during the last year, these have been releived by physical theraph, the arm pain is stubborn and refuses to go grief, grief. grief.

Hello Eleanor,
Without an examination I am unable to be sure, but I think you have a frozen shoulder.

Lying on your back with shoulder and elbow at 90*, upper arm pointing to the ceiling, rotate your shoulder in and out. Do it first with the good arm, and then the naughty arm. Is there a marked difference in internal or external rotation? Limited and painful.

It's one of the most painful and debilitating conditions. Read more at Frozen Shoulder ...

First and foremost, start our Frozen Shoulder exercises, do them faithfully every single day. Several times.

The problem usually lies in the acromioclavicular joint, the first rib or a lower cervical facet.

Seeing you have pain in other joints, rheumatoid needs to be considered, and a deficiency of magnesium that causes chondrocalcinosis. Spinach is the best source, but you make no mention of calcium seen in the shoulder on the X-ray.

Lastly I'd start taking fish oil, and /or freshly ground flaxseeds for the omega-3.

Good luck, this is a very painful condition.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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