Pain in the Buttocks

by Yusuf Shehu
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I use to feel a pain in my buttocks exactly where nurses give injection. Whenever I stand for some time or walk for three minutes or so then I will begin to experience a progressive pain and once I sit down for a minute then the pain will go away and is not swollen or any physical fracture on the bone. The pain does not radiate to my legs but I find it very difficult to walk or run. But once I sit down for a minute I will feel relief.

Hello Yusuf.
There are really a variety of possibilities from a fixation in the sacro iliac joint, a joint leg (hence pain when you walk but not when you sit), a Maigne's syndrome which radiates to the back, and many others. Perhaps go to our Lower back exercises page and do them faithfully for two weeks. If they don't help then you had better get to see someone for a thorough examination.

Lovely English by the way, far better than from America and Britain.

Try the exercises.

Dr B

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