Pain in scapula area and arm since a fall

by Anica
(Utica, MI, U.S.A)

Has Adson's test been done for a Thoracic Outlet syndrome?

Has Adson's test been done for a Thoracic Outlet syndrome?

Pain in scapula area and arm since a fall.

Over 9 months ago I fell off a ladder. I fractured my right wrist, had surgery with a plate and screws which I recently had removed.

During the entire 9 months I've had continuous pain in my scapula which also hurts around and under my arm pit and down to my elbow. I've had physical therapy and little relief. My mri showed a small spur/narrowing on c-5 and bilateral narrowing on C-6. Both hands hurt around thumb base and thumbs themselves, have little strength in my arms, and fingers in right hands feel painful and some numbness. I'm on pain meds and muscle relaxer which only help temporarily. I do go back to the back doctor and they want to put injections directly in c-5 and C-6 to see if I'll get relief and also to use it for diagnostic purpose. Im afraid of surgery since I've been unlucky with them in the past. Also due to that fall I also fractured the 4th part of my tailbone and my right toe. I went for two visits with my previous chiropractor and had a little relief. He manually adjusted me as well as using the Pro Adjuster Machine. Any advice would be appreciated since I am in daily pain, please. Thank you in advance.

Hello Anica,
Most likely when you feel the force went not only into breaking your wrist but up into the shoulder and possibly neck and back.

A couple of questions:
1. If you turn your head to the right, and then look up, what happens?

2. Sitting, turn your torso to the right and then left, and then tilt as well to the side. Take in a deep breath. Do any of these hurt, and where?

3. Raise your arms above your head. Does it hurt? Where?

4. Do the Upper Limb Tension Test seen below. Is it positive?

5. Ask your doctor if Adson's test has been done.

The pain in your hands may be from the trauma to your hands and wrist, or it could be a radiation from the carpal tunnel, forearm, shoulder or neck. Which fingers are affected.

The more specific you can be in answering all these questions, the more likely I will be able to make a contribution. Keep to this thread.

Dr B


» Pain in scapula area and arm since a fall

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