pain in right leg between hip and knee due to hip femoral head

by rajnish mishra

sir ,

i would like to share my problem which i am suffering since last 10 years . i don't know how and when i met this chonic painful problem of hip name is Rajnish Mishra from m.p. INDIA. I visted many orthopadic in india every one is suggesting for hip replacement.but life of artifitial fumer head is 10-15 age is 36.and hieght is5'9" and weight is,please suggest me what should i do? i am sending u my latest x ray.

Dear Rajnish,
Unfortunately your X-ray was far too dark, and not readable. Could you try resending please? What diagnosis have you been given for the hip? Have you had injury? Did you have pain in the hip as a child (Perthe's disease)?

Whatever the diagnosis, you have a hard choice. Lose your independence, have a very expensive, disabling hip operation, and probably another in 15 years, and another 15 years after that, OR.... lose 50 pounds.

The choice is yours. Our weight loss page at C-H may help, but the bottom line is YOU have do decide. Pain +++ for the rest of your life, or lose 50 pounds.

Chicken bones extract, omega-3 fish oil, and daily mobilisation of your hip is what I would recommend. Plus a diet with virtually zero starch, no bread, no rice, no potatoes, no pasta, no cakes and sweetmeats, no cool drinks, no sugar. Or pain. Take your pick.

Dr B

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