Pain in right calf after walking and tingling in feet and hands when lying down.

Pain in right calf after walking and tingling in feet and hands when lying down.

I am 56 years old and in relatively good health. I am active and have a balanced nutritional diet.

I do have flattened discs in my cervical spine and for the last few months have experienced tingling in my feet and hands when lying down.

Just recently I have had pain after walking in my right lower calf area. I had a skiing accident two years ago which required me to have TPL surgery and I have a plate, rod and pins in my leg. I have had no problems following the surgery and physical therapy and have returned to skiing and all other activities. This is a new development in my leg.

I am traveling at the moment and wont be back in the U.S. until mid to late January. Any suggestions you might have would be appreciated.

Good day,
These are probably, but not necessarily so, two separate conditions.

Let's start with the calf pain; pain in the calf whilst walking, relieved when you stop, is likely caused by a condition called intermittent claudication. But you get the pain after walking, is that correct?

It could be from your lower back but you make no mention of LBP. In that case bending forward would give you a tight feeling in the calf and the Slump Test for sciatica would be positive. Sit in a normal kitchen chair; extend first the good knee, and then the naughty leg. Do you have pain in the calf?

Deep vein thrombosis if you have been doing a lot of travelling is one possibility.

Most likely of all, it's coming from either your ankle or knee; the trauma will have changed your gait and that can certainly provoke calf pain.

All in all, only a careful and thorough examination will bring the correct diagnosis. Obviously there are plenty of other possibilities.

You may have cervical stenosis, but you are young for that; it's a condition associated with flattening of the discs but also gross boney degenerative changes. By affecting both the spinal cord and the escaping nerve roots it causes tingling in both legs and arms, and other signs too.

The only real cause of immediate alarm in all this is the possibility of a DVT in your calf; I'd recommend you get an opinion on it from a medical person wherever you are travelling. For the rest, you'd better have a thorough checkout when you get home.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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