Pain in rhomboid major area with piano playing

by Ehsan

Thank you for your articles, they are very helpful.
I have a question, I'm 23 and I've just starting playing piano (as a beginner), but the bad posture and playing with tension caused some problem on my scapular area, I stopped play piano about 2 weeks ago.
I got a pain like cramp in the area that I've mentioned in the attached picture (the red area) for about 3 months.
I start massage that area with rolling a tennis ball on the blue area; when I do that I feel something like a thin rope (a muscle) moves with burning on the green area.
But the tennis ball sometimes doesn't work properly.
I've searched a lot on the Internet, done some exercises and also physiotherapy but didn't work.
I'm just frustrated about that, could you please help me to find a solution for this?
Sorry for my poor English...

Your English is a lot better, Ehsan, than people writing in from English speaking countries! Thank you for taking the time to do your best. Where are you from?

Diagnostically, it's a difficult area. It can be related to a first rib fixation, an injury to the spine itself, a referral from the C5 level in the neck that supplies the rhomboids, as well as from the lungs and other organs.

Are there any chiropractors where you live?

Dr B

» Pain in rhomboid major area with piano playing

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