Pain in pubic bone

Just where is the pain?

Just where is the pain?

When I take a step I have pain in my pubic bone area. It's a sharp pain and will take your breath and feels like you fall straddling a fence. Each time a take a step, it's an unbearable pain.

I need more detail. Your age, when it started, do you know what caused it, does it radiate down towards the knee, what increases and relieves the unbearable pain.
Is it sore at night, and does it waken you? What examination and treatment have you had? Is it getting worse? Are you in good health. Male or female?
With such scant detail it's difficult for me to comment.
Dr B

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May 06, 2018
excruciating pain on my pubic bone
by: brooke

I have been hurting pretty bad in my groin area but mostly on my pubic bone; it feels to be swollen but nothing major. It's been going on around 3 weeks and it's steadily getting worse. The way it hurts reminds me of the day after my emergency c section when I had to get up and walk. I'm 45, a little over weight, I smoke. I have also had very bad back spasms; I don't know what is going on.

Hello Brooke,
I don't know what's going on either, obviously as I can't examine you. But 'pretty bad pain in the groin area' for three weeks means it's time for an examination.

If you are getting 'very bad back spasms' then it may be from a Maigne's syndrome, or from the sacro-iliac joint.

More commonly it's a hip condition, or one of the upper leg muscles that attach to the pubic bone.

Then there are less likely but serious things; an thorough examination is called for, and should include an x-ray of the pelvis, and possibly the lumbar spine if it appears to be femoral nerve radiation.

The smoking is probably unrelated, but the ciggies will get you, you already know that so I won't lecture you! If you're also overweight then on average it means 13 years loss of life; and a s..t ending; that's quite a chunk.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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