Pain in pubic bone

by Yoo Jin
(South Korea)

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

Recently I have pain that comes and go in my pubic bone area which continues to the vaginal opening and one side only. This morning it hurt so bad that awake me from my sleep. I am 31 years old and never been pregnant. No changing sex partner as its only one and the last time was last year.

I have a little unseen lump in my vaginal opening area. Two different doctors said nothing in the vaginal opening area and not to worry about it. But know I feel pain. Please tell me what should I do? Thank you.

Hello Yoo,
The real question is whether this pain is coming from one of the bones or joints in the pelvis, or is really to do with the female organs?

Do you have a family history of hip disease? Does your grandmother have a bad limp and walk with a stick? Any hip replacements?

If you lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, to the opposite shoulder, or drop it into the lotus position, is it particularly stiff or painful?

If you press directly on the pubic bone is it very tender?

Using a little oil run your thumb from the ASIS through the groin and down the inner thigh; compare with the other side. Is it very tender?

If the answer to any of these questions is positive, I'd ask for a pelvic x-ray.

I hope this helps. Pain in the pubic bone area can be very mystifying.

Dr B

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