Pain in my tooth related to twisting my body around and going from on my stomach to on my back.

Hi there,

Lately I've gotten this pain in my upper left, second from the back (my wisdom teeth are all out) tooth that just kindof zings in my head when I twist from laying on my stomach to laying on my back. I noticed it about a month ago when I was doing an ab workout. I would go from a plank position to laying on my back and as soon as I would sit my head down, I would get a zing of pain in that tooth. I just went to the dentist about a month ago, and my teeth are perfect. I did have a crown put on the opposite side, but I talked to my dentist and they said it didn't sound like a cavity and that my last x-rays were perfect. And it's not sensitive to hot or cold or sugar. I've been seeing my chiropractor and he adjusted me a few times and it seems to sort of help, but not really. Just curious if anyone has any sort of advice on what to do with this. I usually have pain in my C-2 and my atlas goes out a lot. I love working out, but since this started to happen, it's harder to get on the mat and do stuff. Also, it's starting to bug when when I roll on my side in bed. Appreciate any advice! Thanks!

Frankly, I'm not sure. The Trigeminal nerve is sensory to the teeth and wouldn't be affected as far as I know by turning.

My best thought is: do you have any jaw joint TMJ discomfort, popping, fascial pain? The act of turning and lying on your side or back could affect the jaw.

Sorry not to be more helpful.

Dr B

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Jul 18, 2012
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by: Anonymous

No, I don't have any jaw pain, or TMJ.

A good Chiropractic examination is what's needed. If nothing significant found, perhaps a neurological consult.

Dr b

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