Pain in my shoulder that is set off when I go to reach in a certain way; numbness and tingling in right hand. Symptoms

by Shana
(United Kingdom)

When I move my arm in certain ways I get a burning severe pain that lasts about a minute. I have had this problem for about 10 months now. I have a tender place under my arm. Feels like a swollen gland and slightly tender when I touch it.

The latest symptoms I am getting are tingly numb right hand. I noticed tonight for the first time that severe pain in my under arm/shoulder came from me just light coughing. No movement at all, as I was just laying on my back. It lasted about a minute like usual before subsiding.

Been waking up with numb hand on the right, without cause as I always just lay on my. I have 12 year old breast implants. I also have hypothyroidism and recently got asked to arrange for a lipid test after recent a blood test. Not sure why? I packed in smoking canabis 8 months ago and now just use an ecig.

My long term boyfriend I smoked it with just died from lung cancer he was only diagnosed 6 months ago. I am grieving and also scared that all the smoking was a factor for him. Could I have it too? I am 50 years old.

Any advice would be really appreciated, and thanks for your time in reading this.

Hello Shana,
Firstly I'm very sorry for missing your letter.

Secondly, whilst I appreciate you approaching a chiropractic site, the first step is a thorough medical examination. You know, as every smoker knows what the weed does to your lungs. And that includes Ecigs.

I would recommend a chest x-ray. A Pancoast tumour can affect the brachial plexus and cause these symptoms in your hand.

Try to determine exactly which fingers are affected. That will help in deciding if this is a nerve root problem in your neck, or the brachial plexus being affected. Does placing your hand on your head relieve or worsen the numbness and tingling in your hand?

Are any of the joints between the ribs and your breastbone particularly tender on the right side? Is there a lump? A condition called Tietze's syndrome, often after a breast implant, can affect the brachial plexus and cause tingling in the arm and hand.

Having cleared that this is definitely not a lung or lymph node problem, then it would be good to get an opinion from a local chiropractor. Perhaps print this out and take it with you, with your answers.

The obvious Shana is that you have to quit all forms of smoking for ever. Otherwise there is serious misery ahead. Do it.

I wish you well, in God's strength you can do this. Keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on.

Dr B

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