pain in my right shoulder and arm

by Frederick
(Cape Town, South Africa)

I am experiencing pain in my right shoulder and arm with a tingling sensation in my right index finger.

I recently did some work at home which involved carrying bags/materials of which some were heavy. I also injured my left hand and the GP gave me a tetanus shot.

From time to time I feel hot with sweating. I also recently cracked one of my ribs.

My main concern is the pain in my shoulder and arm which causes the tingling sensation in my right index finger. The first instinct is obviously whether it could be my heart.

Am I overworked and are the injuries the cause of the shoulder/arm and index finger tingling?

Hello Frederick,
Your heart is unlikely to affect your right arm.

But tingling in just the index finger is a bit unusual. The thumb is unaffected? Do you have any neck pain, and do movements of the your head and neck provoke any pain in the shoulder or tingling in the arm?

Heavy lifting, particularly if you are not doing it regularly, certainly can strain the shoulder and arm. It's now two weeks since you wrote; if you are still having difficulties then it's time to start looking for a local DC; talk your friends and family.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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