Pain in my neck going to my left arm

by Jeff

c6 dermatome

c6 dermatome

Pain in my neck going to my left arm

I have this pain in my neck after losing form doing shoulder press at the gym. The pain is no where severe and it only hurts when I do one motion with my neck.

When I stand Straight up and push my neck further back and look down is the only time it hurts. And that is also the only time i feel pain in my arm.

the pain in my arm doesn't hurt or go numb but I know it's there and I can feel the smallest little tingle in my thumb and index finger. I went to the gym not to long ago after a week's rest just to see what i can do. I did just about every movement fine no pain and I haven't lost strength in either arm.

What I am asking is: Is this something to be worried about? I haven't been to the gym since because I want to let this heal. How long do you think it will take to heal? And what can I do to help it heal? Do you think I should get xrays done?

Please help me. I am a body builder and I don't want to throw away years worth of work.

thank you.

Hello Jeff,
Yes, I do think your should have X-rays of your neck taken, including (important) "obliques".

Neck pain is common and frankly we don't generally get too excited about it, unless it's lasting more than a few months. Research shows if it lasts for 6 months, you've got it for ever, no matter what the treatment.

But neck pain that radiates to your arm, in this case very specifically to the C6 dermatome, with certain movements of the neck is far more important.

There's something happening in your lower neck, probably in the UncoVertebral Joint Luschka at the C5-C6 level. But's that an educated guess obviously.

It's great that you haven't lost strength. The most commonly affected muscle is the triceps. How is it with push ups? Does that arm tire faster?

Jeff, this might go away with a few weeks' rest but to my mind we need a diagnosis. What's going on? Otherwise it'll simply start again next time you start training, and then we're two months closer to that six month deadline.

Find a good chiropractor is your next stop.

Dr B

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Dr. Barrie Lewis

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