Pain in my left foot for 10 days; is it gout?

by Hamish
(Malang, Indonesia)

Is this what your foot likes like?

Is this what your foot likes like?

I have a very strong pain in my left foot, halfway down the foot just above the arch. It has been continuous for 10 days. I don't exercise enough but this hasn't happened before to my left foot. There is a lot of swelling, so much so that my calf is swollen as well, but no discolouratio of the skin. It is tender to the touch and sudden movements cause pain. I can't bear to put any weight on it so I just drag it around to walk. The pain makes me feel as if I want to throw up. After I take 2 panadol and 400mg ibuprofen (not very strong pain killers) it goes away but the swelling persists and I still can't put my full weight on it to walk normally.

I started using ice on it 3 days after I realised what had happened. It did occur with my right foot a few months ago with the same symptoms and pain. The pain was consistent for approximately a month before completely subsiding. There is some discolouration which is due to the varicose veins (most probably) that run in my family. The pain radiates approximately half an inch from the centre which is three inches from my ankle towards my big toe.

I'm a 41 yo male, 5"10 (177cm) weight approximately 98 kgs. I also consume too much rice, I don't exercise enough and I sit a lot due to my working from home on my computer. If there is anything else that you need to know, please ask me and I will respond ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you soon with a positive solution to my situation. Thank you for and kind regards. Hamish.

Hello Hamish,
The first consideration is gout; more than likely you have an inflamed attack caused by increased uric acid in the body. I've had it myself, so I know why you are crying! But that diagnosis needs to be confirmed by someone knowledgeable on the ground.

Rather than taking medication like allopurinol, I would recommend you go on with the Brufin and ice. You've already recognised that your diet needs attention. If you're on 'beri-beri' rice then, yes, it's a serious problem. Brown rice is great food.

Food and inflammation are undeniably connected. With BMI of 31.3 it's time to take a good long look at your diet, not just because of the pain in your foot, but because your whole life is at risk.

Remember that those enjoying eight coloured foods per day have a 33% lower all cause of death; how many do you have on a regular basis?

See your medical doctor about your foot first; if it's not gout then a local chiropractor is the next step. Try to avoid getting onto chronic medication; your foot is trying to tell you something; do you have to ears to hear?

Dr Barrie Lewis

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