Pain in middle of lower back, hip and inner thigh

I have a constant throbbing pain in the lower portion (dimpled area) right beside my spine.

The pain radiates down to my hip and wraps around to my groin area. I get excruciating pain in the hip if I stand in one spot to long. The part of my back that throbs gets tight and stiff. It is always just on the left side.

Also if I lay on my stomach and lift my leg I get a sharp pain immediately in my back and hip.

This also brings on the pain for quite sometime afterwards. Walking does not bother me. Sitting for lengths at a time does not intensify the pain, but does become uncomfortable.

Deep tissue massage on that portion of the back helps relive pain, but it is still constantly there.

I have seen numerous chiropractors with no results. Seen regular physicians and they just proscribe muscle relaxers, no help. Also physical activity doesn't seem to bother me.

Throbbing pain suggests there may be more going on than meets the eye; has an X-ray of your pelvis been taken and have you had any blood tests? That's the place to start.

Groin pain always invites questions about the hip; lie on your back and pull the knee to the chest, and towards the opposite shoulder. Then drop it into the lotus position; what do you feel? Compare with the other hip.

This sounds on the surface as though it's a fairly typical hip-SIJ problem, and both have to be addressed to make progress. There are obviously lots of questions; give me answers to those above, and talk to your doctor about the tests.

Dr B

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