Pain in lower back, buttocks region and the right side thigh bones leg


I am an overweight person who is currently on a doet p[lan. I first noticed the lower back pain when i couldnt bend or get out of bed correctly. I have to roll myself out of bed like a ninja.

When i sit in a chair the pain stil was in the lower back but then now included the right but cheek. From there my right leg started to stiffe up. It not to the point where if i move the leg or try to lift it a pain radiates in my thigh bone.

I though it was just i hurt my back moving something. It been over 12n weeks and I'm not getting better. I go to the doctor for the pain and they push me to ibprofeun, right like that works. if it did then i wouldnt be there. I just wanted to know if this is something serious as my doctor does not seem to and the pain is getting worse for me.

Hello Diatra,
This isn't caused by your obesity, thin people get sore backs too, but if you are also in poor condition that will certainly impede the healing. Adipose tissue has now been proved to be a source of inflammatory noxious toxins that can inflame the nerves as well as other organs, such as the linings of your arteries. If you want to get it off, look at our Weight loss page at C-H. It works, but it will mean a complete change in what you eat.

The fact that the pain in your back and leg are getting worse, after three months is worrying. Make an immediate start with the lower back exercises at C-H. Look in the NavBar on the left. EVERY MORNING BEFORE GETTING OUT OF BED.

Type "Slump Test" into the Search this site function at C-H and let me know what happens.

Meantime, sit less, lie down periodically and do the exercises, they only take one minute. Start using alternating ice and heat on your back daily. `

Your doctor obviously has no clue. Going on with ibuprofen for months will just you a bleeding ulcer to add to your misery. Honestly, he has no other options, other perhaps to send you for surgery.

It's time to start looking for a competent local chiropractor. Ask friends and family. Expect him to bully you about your weight. I would. It's a millstone around your neck that will not only impede the healing of your back, but also give you diabetes, arthritis in the knees, pain in the feet... I could add another ten.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a couple months. Don't expect a quick fix, it's unlikely.

> > Pain in lower back, buttocks region and the right side thigh bones leg

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Apr 24, 2017
back across pubic area, hips, groin, thighs, and calfs and feet burning throbbing pain
by: Anonymous

This started on the right side hip area and shooting pains in the leg over a year ago; now moved to lower back across back to left buttock bone throbbing tingling pain in the hip, thighs, groin and down the legs to the feet.

I have irritating bladder and bowels.

I do have disc problems osteo cervical spondylosis; and a burning sensation along abdominal and pelvic area; whether this relates I'm not sure; had tummy scans and bladder; checked all clear.

I'm confused; I'm 54 hope you have some insight; getting fed up; and get the odd sweats; don't no whether they are menopause problems.

Though sharp head pains at times on both sides of my head.

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

Reading between the lines it's time to become a health junkie; you are suffering from quite serious problems in many different parts of your body.

I'm speculating of course but I suspect you're on a crap diet and not getting enough exercise; and probably overweight.

You say you're fed up; sufficiently to make a lifestyle change?

The father of medicine and chiropractic said let your food be your medicine; wise words. Only you can ring in the changes.

Groin pain suggests you have your hip examined; it could be arthritis.

Good luck and, if I'm way off target, my apologies.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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