pain in lower back and hips pain down bottom numbness in lower legs and feet

by Lee

Hello I have a disc bulge in the c5,6,7 and a lumbar extrusion at the l5.

I am also getting pain around the mid section, can this be caused by the L5 extrusion.

I also have a pain from the back of the head to the front of the forehead. Have you got any ideas what can be causing this?

Also having spasms from head to toe; thank you.

Hello Lee,
I'm not sure what you mean by the "mid section". Could you be specific please?

The worrying part of all this is the spasms. Have you had a neurological assessment? I would recommend you start there, if not.

Pain down one leg is common; most folk will have it at least once. But down both legs, coupled with the spasms suggest to me this is a medical rather than chiropractic problem.

Further tests, including scans are indicated, mind you, if you've been diagnosed with an extrusion, you've probably already had one scan at least.

Sorry not be to be more helpful. Let me know what comes of it when a diagnosis is finally made.

Dr B

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