pain in left side

by paula manning

for the last few weeks on and off I have a weakness in my left leg and arm, which radiates during the day as real heavy aching/pain, also spreads to my shoulder.

I'm only 37 and do tend to get alot of infections so don't want to bother my doctor but now and again as I walk my left leg feels like it's going to give way. It's rather worrying now.

Hello Paula,

There's an important difference between pain in the back and neck, and pain that radiates. In your case to both the arm and leg.

Secondly, we are always looking for a "hard neurological" findings. In others, not just that it hurts, but that it is also numb or weak. In your case you feel the weakness.

The fact that it has started in both your left arm and left leg, and you feel weakness, definitely means it needs to be followed up.

I recommend you contact either your medical doctor, or a thorough chiropractor if you know one. Reflexes, and looking for 'long tract signs' and true paresis (weakness) needs to be carefully and thoroughly done.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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Jan 22, 2011
fed up
by: paula

Today is particular driving me mad as I've noticed a bloody mucus appearing in my stools, am so tired I'm just sleeping constantly. When I'm awake I feel dizzy after a few steps, definitely think my GP is wrong to dismiss me.

What do I do? Keep pushing my doctor?

No Paula, change your doctor and do it smartly. Today. Blood in the stool is very serious, you could have a bleeding ulcer (is it red or black?) and you can bleed to death from it. Literally. 14000 Americans die each year from a bleeding ulcer from anti inflammatory drugs. Taking pills?

Thanks why you feel tired and dizzy. Your heamoglobin is dropping, and you are almost certainly anaemic. If this continues, get to the emergency rooms. Take a stool sample.

Jan 21, 2011
re pains
by: paula


Thank you for your propmpt reply. My doctor just fobs me off, and I am so drained it's tiring me out beyond belief.

Sometimes when I walk I feel like my left leg is going to give way. Thank you for your advice. I am gonna demand that they look into this as it scares me.

Sounds like it's time to change your doctor, Paula. A leg giving way means neurological paresis. It could be something serious and certainly in Chiropractic warrants careful investigation.

Perhaps a visit to a Chiropractor instead. Start asking friends and family for the name of someone thorough and conscientious.

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