Pain in left leg without numbness or tingling

I have been dealing with pain in my left leg, originating in area of crease in top of leg with pain radiating down to lower calf area. It is very difficult to climb stairs with out experiencing pain and weakness in the groin area.

Also had lower back pain to the extent of not being able to sit or lie down without having pain or discomfort.

If I lie supine, I have much trouble raising my leg. I had mentioned this to my Chiropractor, for which he did not have a reply. He did an adjustment with not much relief.

I had been walking quite regularly before this occurrence, however, I had not done anything physical that would explain this condition.
I get some relief from taking Aleve and also using moist heat.
Would appreciate your thoughts.

I'm assuming the pain is in the crease of your leg in front, near the groin, and not near the buttock crease.

An important distinction: if you lift your leg it hurts in the groin. But if you relax completely, and someone else lifts your leg, what happens then?

Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, and then rotate the hip. Does it hurt in the groin? Is it much stiffer and more restricted than the right hip?

Tell me as accurately as you can where in the thigh and the calf it hurts.

Go to the search function at chiropractic Help and type in Slump Test for sciatica. What do you feel?

If you bend straight forwards, carefully, is the left posterior thigh much tighter than the right?

And if you bend backwards, and to the side?

Try and work out whether your back hurts right at the bottom, or in the mid to upper lumbar spine.

Let me have some answers, keeping to this thread, and we'll see where we go from there.

Your age please, and if you've had xrays what they show.

Dr B

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