Pain in left groin going around back to my hip and buttocks, down my leg.

by Michelle
(Phoenix, AZ 85023)

Pain in left groin going around back to my hip and buttocks, down my leg could be a back, sacroiliac or hip problem; but which?

I am a 58 female. I am a cashier; I was at work one day 4 months ago, when I felt a sharp pain in my left groin, right at my panty line. It never really went away but sometimes wasn't as bad. Then it started hurting my left hip and my left buttock so badly, even down my left thigh and sometimes I feel pain in my left foot. No numbness really, or burning, just sore as hell, sometimes to the point of bringing tears to my eyes.

I can take a lot of pain, so THIS really is hurting me. One day, it was so bad I couldn't even put weight on my foot. I drove myself to the ER and they did a CAT scan, looking to see if there was anything wrong with my hip, nothing. They gave me ibuprophen.

Went to my primary doctor; he didn't think it was my sciatica. He thought I should get some physical therapy done. So, for almost 2 months, twice a week I go to physical therapy for about 45 mins where they have me do different exercises. They seem to think I just have a weak butt and need to build up my muscles. Some of the exercises hurt and half the time I don't do them at home.

I can't tell any specific time that I'm in bad pain; sometimes when I'm just standing there at work. Right now sitting here writing this my left lower back and butt are killing me. I DO know that whenever I spread my left leg out is when it really hurts bad.

I am going to make another appointment with my primary and see if I can get a cortisone shot or something. It's affecting my work. I need something done. Massaging makes it feel a little better.

Like I said, it's ALWAYS there, just not as painful sometimes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I DO have a herniated disc between 4 and 5 diagnosed 15 years ago. Doesn't really hurt anymore, not sure if that has anything to do with it. I've tried hot packs, ice packs, my tens unit, nothing is getting rid of it. HELP!

You're going to say go to a chiropractor, but one time they twisted my neck (when my herniated disc was hurting) and it scared me so bad, I haven't been to another one since. I ended up getting 3 cortisone shots at 3 different times in my neck. That helped it.

Hello Michelle,
Actually, it may surprise you, my first thought is not to send you to a chiropractor necessarily. The problem here is we don't have a diagnosis; no one seems to know what wrong with you, and that's why none of the treatment is working.

Please do three things for me; if you want a useful answer to your conundrum, need to be as accurate and specific as possible.

1. Where exactly in your leg does it hurt; which part of the foot is affected?

2. Sit in an ordinary kitchen chair and ask a friend to lift your right leg parallel to the ground. Now slowly flex your head onto your chest. Remember what you feel. Repeat with the naughty leg. Precisely what is the difference?

3. Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest; make a circle using your knee as a lever. Now drop your hip into the lotus position. Compare right and left. Precisely as you can, what's the difference?

4. Explain to me what you mean by spreading your leg out, and where it hurts.

Do you have the CT of your pelvis? Could you ask a technobof to send me a few slices?

Let me have some answers and we'll take this further; keep to the same thread.

Dr B

» Pain in left groin going around back to my hip and buttocks, down my leg.

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