Pain in left buttock, lateral left leg and popping in hip after traumatic blow to left buttock

by Diana

Maignes syndrome radiation.

Maignes syndrome radiation.

I was forcefully slapped on left buttock. Within a couple of days I began having terrible left lateral leg pain, and pain in my left buttock. The buttock pain hurts more when sitting and does not radiate down the back of my leg, rather the pain stops mid buttock, or so I think, unless it is related to the left lateral leg pain.
I have a popping noise and sensation when I go from sitting to standing now that seems to be more anterior than lateral.

Hello Diana,
Sorry about the assault. These things happen, obviously ring in some changes so it doesn't happen again.

There really are a variety of things that could be happening. Most of all I'm concerned about that popping "anterior". Is that in the groin and front of your leg? That could be a hip joint injury.

Buttock, lateral and anterior thigh pain also means that Maignes syndrome and Meralgia paresthetica should be considered. That's a radiation from high in the lumbar spine.

But most likely it's a piriformis or sacroiliac syndrome.

Your chiropractor will need to assess carefully where the source of your pain is, and very occasionally it can be more than one condition.

Meantime be careful. Take some gentle walks, and do our gentle lower back exercises at Chiropractic Help.

Type these terms into the Search this site function at C-H.

I hope this contributes.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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