Pain in left armpit, arm near elbow, tingling sensation and numbness

by Roselyn

Hi, I have pain in my left armpit. Imagine placing a golf ball in your armpit and press against it, that's the kind of pain

I'm experiencing.

Simultaneously I'm feeling pain on my left arm just above the medial elbow and numbness and tingling sensation on all my fingers (half of my thumb).

My left hand is a lot colder than my right and also my palm and fingers are slightly bluish in bad days.

I have bad days and not so bad days. I tried different TOS special tests like Adson's test but instead of pulse being absent, my pulse becomes stronger when I inhaled but symptoms are present all through out.

I tried Roos test (shoulder abducted and Externally rotated and close and open hands for few minutes) but cannot keep it as pain exacerbate on the arm above my elbow and numbness and tingling and I cannot keep the position due to this pain.

It keeps me awake at night. Can't get the right pillows. I bought different kinds of pillows but nothing seems to work. It feels the pain is less when I'm lying in bed on my back with my left shoulder abducted and externally rotated with elbow flexed. Although cannot be in this position for long time as symptoms comes back. I also noticed that shoulder internal and external rotation with elbow extended helps and shaking my whole left upper limb helps too.Please help me.

Hello Roselyn,
It's now two weeks since you wrote this. If this is still happening, then I'd get to your doctor as soon as possible.

This sounds vascular in nature and a proper diagnosis is vital.

Let me know.

Dr B

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