pain in inside upper right leg/groin area when walking

by ann

I am healthy and love my daily walks. Over the past year or so occasionally I would get an incredibly sharp pain inside upper right leg/groin area. By pressing into it I can make it go away. Recently getting it more often altho it still goes away when I press my fingers into the area but then returns. I saw your info re "Lie on your back and pull first your right knee to the chest, then to the opposite shoulder, and then drop it into the lotus position. Now repeat with the left leg; what's the difference; let me know.. Remember what you feel" and tried it out but didn't notice much difference between each leg (it didn't feel comfortable but not really painful). Just wondering what you might think. I did also do another exercise where I placed my bent leg up over the other knee and then clasped my hands around the other knee and raised the leg up toward my chest, did hurt more on my right leg than left leg. TIA

Hello Ann,
If there's little difference pulling your knee to your chest and to opposite shoulder, compared to your left leg, then you certainly don't have advanced hip arthritis; it could be the beginnings though.

But in any event, if you've had a pain for a year - anywhere - then it's certainly time to have someone check it out; I would ask for a pelvic x-ray, preferably taken standing.

More than the pain, Ann, it's becoming disabling and disturbing what is a very healthy habit, a regular walk.

It could be from your back, sacroiliac joint, Maigne's syndrome or one of several hip conditions; and many other more rare conditions.

It's time for a thorough examination.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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