Pain in hip and lower back on left side when bending

by Malik Hassan
(Decatur, GA, USA)

Pain in hip and lower back on left side when bending

In October of 2011 I had an L3-L4 fusion. Ever since that procedure I have had pain when bending on my left side. The pain is low down in my Si Joint area and in my lower left lumber area and shoots down my right hip on the outside sometimes.

I have had 4 steroid/anesthetic shots in my SI Joint since then, facet blocks, and trigger point shots which sometimes give me relief but then the pain comes back worse.

I have also had chiropractic treatments which didn't help at all. My right leg is shorter than my left and most of the time I forget to wear my lift but since my latest round or pain which is really bad I have started wearing it again but no change. I don't know where to turn right now since nothing is helping.

Hello Malik,
Think back to the period BEFORE the surgery. Were you getting leg pain? Where PRECISELY in the leg, can you remember?

There are two large nerves that supply most of the leg. The Femoral nerve and the Sciatic nerve.

The surgeon would have been suspecting the Femoral nerve, as the L3/L4 level would mostly tether the L3 nerve root, the Femoral nerve.

However, if you are getting pain down the side of the leg, I would be suspecting the Sciatic nerve. Help for sciatica pain ...

There's a simple test you can do at home to distinguish between the two nerves: Slump Test for sciatica ...

My point? It's possible the surgeon operated at the wrong level, or you had two levels that were troubling. Time for a new MRI.

You make no mention of exercises. I would STRONGLY recommend these lower back exercises done faithfully EVERY morning before getting out of bed. Ask your chiropractor for help in deciding which are most suitable for you.

Both chiropractic and surgery are art as well as science. If your current chiro and surgeon haven't helped, then it's time to change both. We use different techniques, and one chiro might help you, another not. Find a good chiropractor ...

Ask for a new MRI.

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I hope this has contributed.

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