Pain in groin when walking

After a car accident 30 years ago I have been troubled with sacroiliac pain. I have attended osteopaths and physiotherapist who help to keep my pain and movement under control. However after a vaginal prolapse operation last year I have experienced pain high up in my groin which seems to radiate into my vagina. I have normal wear and tear in my hip for my age and my ovaries have been checked and are ok.

I am a fairly healthy 68 year old lady but feel this groin pain is getting me down especially when walking. I would appreciate your advice. Thank you

Hello Mrs Jackson,
It should be fairly easy to determine if this pain is from your hip, or from something to do with the surgery.

The history would suggest it's related to that vaginal prolapse operation, perhaps even a nasty pudendal nerve neuralgia.

But pain with walking certainly demands that we rule out a hip condition. So...

Lie on your back and pull the knee on the non-painful side to your chest, then towards the opposite shoulder, and finally in a circle. Remember what you feel.

Now repeat on the painful side; focus on loss of range of motion, stiffness, and pain in the groin, sacroiliac joint, or the side of the hip. Is there a significant difference? Does it reproduce the pain in the groin that you get when walking?

Keeping to this thread, let me know the results.

Dr B

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