Pain in groin leg and buttocks

by Froso

» Pain in groin, leg and buttocks

Hello. I am a 38 year old female. I have been dealing with a lot of pain for the last 4 years. The pain and burning is in my left buttocks, hip, groin, front of thigh and sometimes very weird sensations in the vaginal area; also accompanied by some back pain.

I have had every test known to mankind. They can't find anything, just normal wear and tear.

When I have the leg groin etc pain I also have weird sensations in my toes. I can't tell you how frustrating all of this is. I have done accupunture, physio, reflexology, swimming and NSAIDs. Natural remedies too, but nothing has worked. I am now taking pain management classes as it consumes my life.

I have so much to be grateful for but this pain is just tormenting. When I touch my back I feel sensations in my toes. Can you please help. Thanks

Hello Froso,
I understand your frustration.

First can we start with a few tests? With no meds for 24 hours.

1. Bend slowly forwards and tell me EXACTLY what you feel.

2. Repeat slowly backwards, and then

3. to either side. Please be specific.

4. Sit in a normal chair and straighten first the normal leg, lower it, and raise the naughty leg parallel to the ground. Exactly, what do you feel? Repeat with your head flexed on your chest.

5. This one's difficult. Lying flat on your tum, with the knees bent at 90*, ask hubby to place one hand on the buttock, and the other under the right knee, and now raise the knee pulling the leg into extension. Remember what you feel in the front of the leg. Repeat with the left. Exactly, what's the difference.

6. This one's also tricky. Still lying on your tum, on a cushion, legs down flat, ask him to press on the SI joints, and then going up the spine from the bottom, counting from L5 to L4 and so on. Does anything really stand out?

7. Lying on your back, pull first your right knee to the chest, then to the opposite shoulder, and now make a circle of your hip using the knee as a lever. Repeat with the naughty hip.

8. Use a pin to prick first one buttock, then the other in various places; look up Superior Cluneal nerves using the search function at chiropractic Help. Repeat on the side of the thigh, and then the front of the thigh, right up to the groin. Is there an obvious difference? I expect the neurologist did this.

9. And lastly, stand on your right leg and gently spring up and down testing the strength of the muscle in the front of the thigh, the quadriceps. Repeat left. Any obvious difference. Does your left knee conk?

If you want a useful answer from me, you must please be VERY SPECIFIC.

These tests can aggravate the condition; do them carefully.

Lastly, please watch your grammar and spelling; it's tiresome for me to correct it!

Dr B

» Pain in groin, leg and buttocks

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Jun 08, 2015
I know what you mean - similar to my situation
by: Garry Anderson

Hi Froso:

I understand your frustration. Dr. B helped me get started to investigating what was going on in my case, and now I have figured out what is wrong, and I am working towards a solution.

My comments may be worth reading, but you will have to find my article on this web-site. If the following link does not work, then you may have to copy and paste to your browser:

Be sure to read all the follow-up comments for the rest of the story.

Garry Anderson.

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