Pain in groin but when i stretch it goes

by Emma

if i sit on the side i get pain in my groin going down my leg to my knee but as soon as i stretch it out it goes. i cant sleep on my side the pain comes back i gotta go on my back and stretch my leg outwards it now starting in both sides ive had xrays on my hiips all fine but now its driving me nuts.

Hello Emma,
Do a couple little tests: Lying on your back pull your knee to your chest, then towards the opposite shoulder, then rotate your hip from out to in.
Now place your right foot on the left knee and let your right knee drop outwards.
What do you feel in the groin and side of the hip? Compare to the other side.

Take your camera and take photos of the X-rays of you pelvis. It'll probably mean a trip to the local hospital where they were taken. Send them to me - often they miss a condition called Femoral Acetabular Impingement Syndrome.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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