Pain in groin area since pelvic fracture in a head on car accident

On June 21st I was in a head on collision resulting in a non displaced broken acetabulum, a fractured patella and humerus.

Well, I'm slowly healing but I have sharp jabbing upper thigh inner groin pain when I swing my leg inside.
For example it's my left hip so at night laying on right side I have that pain unless I stick a pillow in between my legs; could this be result of tightness in there from internal fixation? It just worries me since I'm healing so good besides that pain.

Thank you for any and all help.

Count your stars; you're very lucky to be alive and almost for certain this accident will leave its mark on you. How's your neck?

It's now over four months, so it's time to start slowly exercising that hip, otherwise it will become arthritic.

Lie on your back and gently pull your knee to the chest; then make small circles in both directions. It should not cause pain but certainly some discomfort; go easy, especially in the first week or two.

You can also do it sitting with a cushion in the small of the back.

Keep using the pillow between your knees at night.

More than likely an injury of this nature, and the subsequent limping will cause trouble in the sacroiliac joint; you'll need to see a local chiropractor if you're getting lower back pain; see our lower back exercises in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

I would go swimming for the rest of your life; perhaps twice a week.

Likewise, quad setting exercises for that patella are essential.

Sorry to be dismal, but this is going to take a lifetime of exercise and probably treatment, and a hip replacement is a strong possibility in the future, especially if you stop the mobilisation of the hip; it polishes off the rough spots of callus formation that will be forming. If it wasn't your fault, do not sign off any papers; get legal advice.

If running your thumb with a little oil through the groin as shown causes extreme pain, then it needs treatment.

And be grateful that you are alive.

Dr B

» Pain in groin area since pelvic fracture in a head on car accident

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