Pain in calf is more severe after treatment

by Th Sudhir Singh

Does straightening your leg hurt? Where?

Does straightening your leg hurt? Where?

sir or madam,

I went for a chiropratic manipulation at my local for four days and the pain in my foot has become more severe than after a kind of pressure given on calf muscle. I am suffering from L5 and S1 herniated disk. Should I continue or stop it?

Hello Mr Singh,
I didn't know there were chiropractors, or not many in India. By 'at my local' did you mean done by your medical doctor?

A medical doctor can no more do a chiropractic manipulation than a chiropractor could do a medical lower back surgery.

So I am a little skeptical that the treatment was done by a bone fide chiropractor.

If the pain in your leg is increasing then you should discuss it with the person treating you; sometimes the pain may increase in the short term, but it may mean the wrong procedure is being used.

It's hard for me to judge accurately; you must use your own common sense.

Meantime are you doing any gentle lower back exercises? You'll find some in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

Dr B

» Pain in calf is more severe after treatment

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