Pain in buttock down leg to ankle

by Kathleen
(Ocala Florida.)

I have pain around my hip, in my buttock and down the leg to my ankle; have had for a few years.

I have tried PT shots and now chiropractor with little if any result. Now with chiropractor I'm seeing I seem to be having symptoms in other parts of my body. Help.

Hello Kathleen,
Has anyone attempted to make a diagnosis? Are they saying this is from your back, the sacroiliac joint, or the hip?

All three can give these symptoms, though the hip isn't likely to go right down below the knee. It sounds like no one has put their finger on the right button.

Let's run through a couple simple tests. Off all painkillers for 24 hours, bend slowly forwards, then backwards, and then to the side. Tell me EXACTLY what you feel.

Sitting in a kitchen chair, slowly flex your head onto chest, and then straighten first the good leg parallel to the ground, and then the naughty leg. Again, tell me EXACTLY what you feel.

Thirdly, lying on your back, pull your knee to your chest, to the opposite shoulder and then make a circle of the hip with your knee. Compare with the other hip; exactly what you feel.

Lastly, drop your hip into the lotus position.

If you want a helpful answer, you have to give me precise information; please answer from a computer in decent grammar; or I won't reply!

Dr B

» Pain in buttock down leg to ankle

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