Pain in both hips

by Marti
(LaConner, Washington USA)

I have severe pain in both hips and have problems walking, lying down, extreme pain getting out of bed, getting in and out of car. Constant pain.

I have been to two chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapist. Has only made me feel good for a short time or worse. I do have moderate scoliosis and osteoporosis in my spine, femurs and right hip. I am 74 and still have a lot of life in me. Do not like to sit around and do nothing.

I generally use my Pilates machine, hand weights and treadmill as my forms of exercise but can't do anything at present and don't know where to turn. Tried the bed exercises for lower back but hurts my hips too bad. It even hurts to walk.

Hello Marti,
The place to start is with an xray of your pelvis; if you've had one done could you send the report and better still attach a digi of the radiograph.

See fosamax reviews on how it actually weakens the hips and jawbone.

What diagnosis did the chiropractors and physical therapist give?

Dr B

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