pain in both hips and radiates down to my knees

by Rixk
(Anniston, AL/calhoun, )

In February, I went to outpatient surgery for bilateral uretal stent replacement. I have had this procedure done every three months for the last three years with no problems. This time was different, because in recovery I spiked a 104 fever, had severe chills, and tachycardia. I have never had heart problems in my 77 years.

The next morning in the hospital, I could not get out of bed, because of a horrific pain in my lower back. After a cat scan, I was told they did not know what my problem was. I was diagnosed with a pseudomonous infection, for which I took 4 weeks of special IV therapy. During this time, I improved, and got to where I could walk with little or no pain.

About two weeks after the antibiotic therapy ended, I started having pain again. I have been in the hospital twice after this with lower back pain. An oncology doctor looked at my Cat scan, and told me that my L4 was displaced, and referred me to a neurosurgeon, who I am to see next week.

At present, I have relief only when I am in bed or sitting in a chair with a heat pad. They gave me 3.25 Oxycodone which I only take once a day, supplemented with Ibuprofin (800 mg) once a day. I now have a lot of pain when I walk, and have to sit down every five minutes or so.

I am suffering more than I ever have in my life, and need to find real relief. Most of these doctors act like I am crazy, which exacerbates my problem.

Hello Rixk,
For reasons not fully understood by me, after pelvic surgery in the what's known as the lithotomy position using stirrups to spread the hips apart, acute lower back pain is not uncommon.

I would start with some very gentle hip and pelvic exercises, and see if you can find a chiropractor who specialises in treating older folk.

Certainly before going through another back surgery, try the conservative root. Often McManis treatment is particularly gentle and effective.

Ask them to examine your hips too since the pain radiates down to your knees.

Dr B

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