pain in area of rhomboid muscle and tingling in hands

by Penny
(Orange, NSW, Australia)

Which fingers tingle?

Which fingers tingle?

I have pain near my right shoulder blade that seems to be worse when I'm resting or at computer work. I also have tingling down my right arm into my fingers.

It is also causing pain in my neck.

Any ideas?

Hello Penny,
Start by getting some support for the elbow of your right arm when using the mouse; or push the pad right back on the desk. I favour a computer station with a shelf that slides out for the monitor; your hands should point slightly downwards.

Then focus on exactly which fingers are tingling; is it in both hands?

The rhomboid muscle is supplied by the C5 nerve root, so it may into your arm as well, though not usually then to the fingers.

If either Spurling's sign or the Upper limb tension test are positive then it's best not to delay but have your cervical spine assessed. Find them using the Site Search function in the navigation bar.

Is there any swelling in the fingers? Carpal tunnel syndrome gives tingling in four fingers, but not the pinkie.

If you have pain just below the elbow then the pronator teres needs to be evaluated; the median nerve passes between the bellies causing carpal tunnel like symptoms.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» pain in area of rhomboid muscle and tingling in hands

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