Pain from the right hip to the heel and ankle

by Aditi
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Hi, I have pain in my right side of the lower back from the backbone through the calf till the ankle and foot; it happened once when I was walking and a stone came under my heel. The pain rose unbearable after 15-20 days and I could not walk or stand.

I showed up orthopaedic and physiotherapist, accupressure experts but the pain does not go away. I tried medicines provided by doctors and they told me to stop exercising which led to putting on more weight and increasing pain (if pain killers were not taken on time).

Also I developed the problem of acidity in my body. I'm just 26 years old and also would be planning pregnancy after a yr with my husband.

I am in intense depression as to how do I get my problem resolved; my xray reports L5 vertebrae sacralization and does not allow me to bend, sit or stand any longer than 10mins.

Hello Aditi,
I understand your frustration. Let's first remember that the sacralization was there since childhood when you could bend and twist with no problem. But it does add a complication; the usual chiropractic manipulations aren't always appropriate.

Let's start with two tests.

1. Bend slowly forwards, backwards, to the left and right. Tell me exactly what you feel and where. Do it carefully as this can aggravate your problem.

2. Sitting in a normal kitchen chair, straighten first your left leg parallel to the ground, drop it, and now the naughty right leg. What's the difference? Please be precise.

Do you have pain with coughing and sneezing?

This will help me guide you; keep to the same thread. Please answer on a computer so I don't have to correct your capitals and so on. Your English is excellent by the way; congratualations. Better than a lot of people who write to me from England and America.

If you can attach a copy of the xray that would help.

Dr B

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