Pain from left lower back trouble and lifting foot off floorafter standing or walking a short time

by Robert Romero
(Arleta CA)

I have pain and stiffness from my neck and shoulders down the left side from my lower back down to my ankle and foot. If i walk for a short time I have trouble lifting my foot off the floor and bending my knee is painful

if i bend down i feel the back of my left leg from my thigh down to behind my knee stiff. after i sit down for 15 to 20 minutes I feel fine and am able to walk agian until it strts all over agian

If I carry something heavy my whole left side drags. If i push a lawn mower my left leg wants to drag on the floor.

Dear Robert,
You are almost certainly getting Sciatic, or perhaps Femoral nerve impingement.

Please do two tests for me: first go to C-H, look for the Search this site function and do the Slump Test. Let me know what the result is.

Secondly, go to this page ( ) and do the tests described in the video: very specific, which muscle is weak, preventing you from lifting your leg.

Pain with walking, relief sitting down, demands two answers: Could you have a condition called Intermittent Claudication? Secondly do have a short leg, or "leg length inequality"? Again use the Search this Site function to learn about these two conditions.

Let me have the results, and we then can take if further.

Lastly, start the lumbar facet exercises at the "Lower back exercises" at C-H (see in the navigation bar on the left).

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Mar 10, 2012
Lower back relief
by: Anonymous

Hi the first thing I'm going to suggest is your shoes you may need to look into really good supportive shoes. Secondly for the lower and upper back you can find simple stretches to help stretch your muscle. Remember that exercise is a must for our bodies and you can find ones that you can do that only take five minutes at a time out of your day some you can even do while doing whatever it is your still doing. You may find if you take some ibprofren it may help with inflammation. While I'm not really for motrin tylenol or things like that for pain you could look into homeopathic pain relief remedies. You may also try taking some glucosomine chondroiton to it really does help but you have to use it regularly and consistently for awhile. Don't expect an overnight cure. I hope this helps.

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

Frankly, I'm not into anti inflammatories, perhaps a short course under the supervision of your doctor. They cause so many other problems.

And the chondroitin research is weak, rather our "chicken bones" bouillon.

But, first an examination > diagnosis > the right treatment.

Basic, simple exercises, carefully done, will always help.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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