pain between pubic area and thigh

by sherri
(Peoria heights)

I want to know what causes it? I did have a problem last year, I couldn't walk because of awful pain in my hip. I could barely sit or lay down. My right leg was very weak. I started taking gabapentin and it worked and I was able to walk; now this pain is bad and radiates down my thigh. I'm 57.

Hello Sherri,
Lie on your back and pull your left knee to your chest, then towards the opposite right shoulder and then rotate your hip. Now repeat with the naughty hip. What's the difference? Tell me EXACTLY.

I recommend you have an xray of your pelvis taken; please send a copy of the report, and better still attach the jpg of the your xray.

Do you have a family history of hip problems? Did your mother or grandmother have a hip repacement, or walk badly with a stick?

Let me know when you have the results.

Dr B

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