pain behind knee


I took a crazy hike with my grandchildren up a steep mile high mountain, trying to help the youngest, make it to the top, which was absolutely beautiful and, of course back down again. Trail besides being steep, had lots of loose rocks.

Now I have pain behind my right knee. Tried staying off it as much as possible for awhile. It has improved a bit, but is still not healed. I am 69 years old.

Hello Ginny,
You should have shouted sooner; just a week ago I was in Pine Beach on the shore.

How long since you climbed the mountain, and how much better is it?

Do two things for me please:
1. What happens when you bend your knee, compared to the other leg?

2. Lie flat on your tum and ask Grandpa to gently run his thumb up the back of the knee through the so called popliteal fossa. In the Search function at Chiropractic Help type in Bakers cyst. Is there a marked lump?

Meantime start our knee exercises at C-H.

Let me know.

Dr B

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