Pain at very top of leg

by Natalie

Using a little oil on your thumb follow this line. Is it much more tender that the other side?

Using a little oil on your thumb follow this line. Is it much more tender that the other side?

6 months ago, I started getting a pain at the top of my inner thigh where it meets my body. The pain would come when I tried to walk after sitting down for a long time. It would make me limp for about 6 steps then it would go away.

This has now changed. The pain is now extending further across the top of my leg, but still on the inner part to the centre of the very top of my leg. I am no longer limping after standing but feel this discomfort after resting & then moving and when trying to walk fast. It is not excruciating, but does not go away. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Any pain of six months duration needs further investigation, Natalie. This is very sensitive area and it can be a lot of things.

It may be pubic bone pain, for example, or a hip condition, or some medical problem. Are there any lumps you can feel in the groin? Is the pubic bone very tender on palpation. Is the hip stiff if you pull your knee to the chest and make a circle with it?

What's needed is a thorough examination, and based on that a decision as to whether an x-ray of your pelvis is indicated.

Don't ignore this.

And let me know when you've had further tests.

Dr B

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